Cucumber Tasting Menu

From June 7th to July 1st, enjoy our seasonal tasting menu with Cucumber as its central ingredient.

  • Prepaid reservation for 2-4 guests
  • $130 per person + supplements
2 guests
Jun 24, 2017
Cucumber Tasting Menu is sold out for 2 guests. Try another date or join our waitlist.
5:30 PM (Sold out)$130 x 2
5:45 PM (Sold out)$130 x 2
6:30 PM (Sold out)$130 x 2
8:00 PM (Sold out)$130 x 2
8:15 PM (Sold out)$130 x 2


Beverly Hills, CA

Realizing a lifelong dream, Curtis opened his first solo restaurant, Maude (Beverly Hills, CA), in February 2014. Affectionately named after his late paternal grandmother, the restaurant pays homage to Curtis’ first culinary mentor whose sensibilities are resonant throughout the restaurant experience. The menu at Maude is a set ten-course chef’s tasting menu that